mONSTERFERENCE is sort of a conference but not a conference, not an unconference, a bit like interference, just more heavyweight.

mONSTERFERENCE has a form of enhancement and mockery of the conference format. The theme is “the question of life and death”. Pompous? Nääää. The question of life and death of production of art and knowledge and collective organising. Who’s futures are at stake? What pasts and presents are doomed? Which life that is not yet, or too much, could be? Which habits kill and whom? What structures work no more? What and who’s collapses need to be redeemed? What is to let go off? And what is that “we”?

This question will be opened up by three tools/concepts:


Parasitic calls upon an access and procedures of inhabitation while flipping up the existing power structure and implanting interdependency. It incites the life within, the threat within, and it puts in question how were they defined as such. Parasitic works through troublesome generosity of hosting, noise of interruption, infectious negotiations, theft and expulsion.


Monstrous deals with the alive, dead and undead – the horrors of haunting pasts, abuses of present power and unthinkable futures. Monstrous mutates and leaks into unnamable.


Slipped... is a moment of confusion, when the reason fails, but also a data variation, so odd that it slips from articulation, form and memory. Also known as glitch or heresy, it holds the potential for other understanding of a momentum.

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